Confident Learners Initiative

Confident Learners Initiative

The Confident Learners Initiative (CLI) is an early-years literacy program designed to develop the reading skills of young students in First Nations band schools. The program leverages each young learner's areas of confidence to progressively and measurably build strong literacy skills, which research shows will help them become confident learners beyond grade three.

Using a unique community-based approach that involves teachers, parents, and volunteers, the program aims to develop a solid support infrastructure that will reduce reading failure and increase the reading ability of all students. Each community will have access to training and support, including customized activity plans, in order to build meaningful reading activities for learners that utilize the leadership, talents, and abilities of the people in the community. The initiative will be designed collaboratively to help determine each community's vision, goals, and action plans.

Project Partners:
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development
Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy
University of New Brunswick
KSI Research International Inc
Date: November 2013

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