Nairobi Urban Farmers

Esther Maina - Rooftop Farmer

Esther Maina grew up in a family of farmers where she learned to embrace the hard work with a relish and love of the earth. She has also has taken the knowledge she gained as a child to a new level. Her yard is a model eco-system of food cycles. For example, she uses her kitchen waste water to irrigate her fruit trees beside her home which, in turn, provide a great area to cultivate worms which she harvests to feed her fish in a large fish tank.

Esther uses every opportunity to learn about new ways to improve her farming operations which have now expanded to cover the rooftop of her garage. All her produce is organic and she conducts classes for many others interested in urban farming. She also markets delicious value-added products such as sauces and jams from the fruits and vegetables in her gardens.

Client: UNESCO, Rooftops Canada, Mazingira Institute, Kenya
Date: October 2013

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