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Humphrey Omukuti - Mentor to Street Youth

Humphrey Omukuti is a natural leader. Orphaned at an early age he was forced to survive in the slums of Nairobi. His life turned around when he met a male leader in his community who introduced him to a way of finding hope and meaning in his life through agriculture and food production.

His work now focuses on working with street youth who had been involved in drug use and crimimal activity. Through his leadership many former street youth are embracing urban farming. They say it's a life choice since it brings them contentment as it offers them a way to gain an income, provide safe and nutritious food for their families and achieve dignity in their lives.

Client: UNESCO, Rooftops Canada, Mazingira Institute, Kenya
Date: October 2013

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Humphrey Omukuti - Street Youth Mentor from Icon Media Productions Inc on Vimeo.

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