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Lee Ngugi - Delicious White Meat

Lee Ngugi graduated from university with an entrepreneurial drive on the lookout for the best place to engage his creativity. He's found it in urban farming by providing a finishing and delivery service for rabbit producers in Nairobi. Through great perserverance he's obtained his City Licence for his facilities to prepare rabbit meat for sale to the general public and marketplace. He now also delivers his 'delicious and nutritious white meat' to six notable restaurants in Nairobi.

He believes this is the beginning of great things for the rabbit food industry in his city. He believes sales will increase. As well as being great for his business and his network of producers who raise rabbits throughout the city, increased rabbit consumption, he believes, would be great for the general health of our society because rabbit meat is very healthy and nutritious.

Client: UNESCO, Rooftops Canada, Mazingira Institute, Kenya
Date: October 2013

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