Biomimicry - Learning From Nature

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki
"Biomimicry - Learning from Nature"

What is biomimcry? Biomimcry means imitating life. In this two-part television special we learning how biomimics ask the right biological questions in order to solve our needs in ways that are well-adapted to our environment. Naturalist author Janine Benyus introduces us to several biomimics and helps us understand how we as a culture can begin to learn from nature.

Set within a history of how we’ve made our materials to date, these exciting documentaries introduce us to biomimics who offer a different view of how we could meet our needs without depleting natural resources and creating toxic byproducts. It seems both revolutionary and obvious. It offers an exciting blueprint for re-designing all the products we make. Using specific examples like the abalone, the spider and the mussel, teams of biologists and engineers share their insights into an inspiring way to live on earth.

"Biomimicry - Learning from Nature" was directed by Paul Lang; produced by Paul Lang & David Springbett for CBC's "The Nature of Things"; Executive Producer: Michael Allder; Presented by David Suzuki with Janine Benyus

Client: CBC Television
Date: October 2013

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