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Hélène de Varennes : Awards

  • Dr. Marilyn Trenholme Council Literacy Award for Published Authors (2019)

Paul Lang : Television Production Awards

  • The Chris Statuette, Columbus International Film & Video Festival
  • Best Script (with Janine Benyus) Canadian Science Writers Association
  • First Place, EarthVision Enviromental Film Festival
  • Honourable Mention, Columbus Film Festival
  • Finalist Award, International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula Environmental Media Awards
  • Best Director - Canadian Radio and Television Award
  • Best Script - Canadian Radio and Television Award
  • Silver Medal - New York International Film Festival
  • Best Sound Editing - Canadian Film Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - Canadian Mental Health Association

"CBC The Nature of Things - Biomimicry - Learning from Nature" Reviews

BIOMIMICRY is a profound way for a viewer to invest 90 minutes. They convincingly show the importance (and also the challenge) of changing our world view to be one that focuses on a dialogue with, and adopting the ways of, nature rather than one of domination and control.

Professor Robert M. Goodman, PhD
Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Introduces a concept worthy of wide exploration in a world dazzled by the industrial artifacts around us...Over the millions of years, nature's life forms through natural selection have had to live with the constraints of the entropy law on a solar budget. e

Wes Jackson, The Land Institute

A gentle, fascinating tour, replete with biological phenomena that should be familiar to most students...The examples presented can serve as starting points for in-class discussions and group activities that explore the question: What else can we biomimic?

The American Biology Teacher

Viewers of BIOMIMICRY: LEARNING FROM NATURE will be captivated by an insider's view of exciting current research, dazzled by the infinite possibilities open for exploration, and inspired by the implications that biomimicry has for a healthier world.

Alexis Karolides, AIA, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute

BIOMIMICRY focuses on a few people in the world who see nature as a fantastic teacher and apply its teachings in ways that benefit humanity and attempt to save the planet from the destruction wrought by the conquering exploitative mentality.

Dr. Eugene Tsui, architect and author

Impeccably produced and provides a carefully developed introduction to a very complex subject. The illustrative footage is skillfully shot, and the interviews with researchers are well placed and concise. Recommended.

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